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Media is what cultivates our mind. We make decisions based on the information we have; media has been the filter of that information. We accumulate data directly from constituency & government in order to provide comprehensive information based on factual data.

ATTENTION! Mainstream vs Underground

A Collision in the Age of Information

Mainstream Media aka Corporate

It is important for us to understand the growth & ability in communications that has developed, to have a macro view of the news industry today. There was a time when news was delivered in paper form, then radio followed by television. These mediums allowed for study, interviewing & in-depth fact checking. The consumers of these media sources grew to rely on the information as factual and well sourced.
In the 1920, enter the first commercial Radio Station, KDKA. Then fall of part-time broadcasters begins. The FCC then known as the Federal Radio Commission, takes power from the US department of commerce. The Rise of Commercial Radio begins. As with any well managed corporation, income grew the ability to research and reporting developed. As companies propagated they began to compete, join ventures & consolidations in hopes of more control over the media.
The government steps in, “Telecommunications Act 1996” came in and pushed out prior acts including (Co ownership rules of 1975). With the failed intention of “improving competition”, the act resulted in the merger of thousands of media organizations to this day.

The Fall of Fact

With new technology, competitive content and the race to be the first in headlines, fact became the least of the concerns. The mentality of corporations over took need to remain unbiased in favor of exclusive access to content. The news became corruptible in the name of competition.

Freedom & the New Medium. Underground

The new medium, the internet has now become the main source of information for people between the ages of 18-49(*Pew Research Center, 2016). With the help of social media platforms we see news now reaching millions in seconds. From the live streams in Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat & others, there is always a live source. The consumer has become the provider! On any topic you can now find a view that either confirms your beliefs or contradicts them. You can watch TYT one second then watch the opposite view on the Daily Wire. Truth is left in interpretation of the beholder, making critical thinking a responsibility for those seeking fact over tale.

Underground Media

With this in effect we now see organizations like TUCN Enterprises LLC being created. Where the media broadcasted is comprised of the community. The Underground City Network is currently seeking people within their community to broadcast thoughts & actions from the community in both Video and Online radio. What about corruption through capital competition? The network divided into The Underground City ( & TUCN Market (, both allowing the public to participate. Organizations like TUCN focus on developing stories that show fact through visual virtue & state opinion as what it is, open to interpretation. “We are our community not the other way around. Tenacity, Uniqueness & Community that’s what defines our Network”